I'm feeling a way lately with all the hate Californians who have moved to Idaho are receiving. If it's not flat out telling them to go back to California, it's little constant digs that Californians don't fit in and they never will. But the fact is that Californians along with tons of people from plenty of other states are moving to Idaho. I get that the influx is making prices skyrocket, but it is what it is. It's not illegal to move here and I feel like it's getting to a point where new residents are treated as though they have committed a crime.

But newcomers and natives have more in common than they have differences. Obviously Idaho is a draw because it's a gorgeous place to live. It's family friendly as all get-out with plenty of recreation while maintaining a nice city life balance. That's why people want to move here. They love it as much as the people who were fortunate enough to grow up here. So wouldn't it be so much better to just embrace this rather than fight it? All the griping about people moving here, especially Californians, isn't stopping it from happening.

I understand feeling protective and even defensive when it comes to Idaho. But it breaks my heart to think something like where someone used to live could create such animosity. Maybe we should all stop asking where people came from and accept that living here now makes you an Idahoan. So to any Californian that's made the move to Idaho, I don't mind at all. I'm sure we can all learn from each other. Transplants are a good thing! Just ask kidney recipients.

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