Idaho is full of treasures and adventures, like the amazing yurt system that we have.

We were on an adventure on Sunday, looking to go snowshoeing and decided to stay closer to Boise then our previous thought of going to Craters of the Moon. There are all kinds of yurts and hot springs around here, along with hikes, mountain lakes and plenty of rivers. It's just going out to find them.

These yurts are Mongolian style domes, with great upkeep thanks to parks and rec, the forest service and the great people that take care of them when visiting. There are games, a fireplace, propane for the stove and so much more. It is important to note, although things like this should be free they are not able to be kept without money so it does cost and they are able to be rented through Idaho Parks and Rec. You can reserve your night here.

Very unique but I do have to say these trails are not for faint of heart in the winter, these trails are easy BUT in the winter especially when you are the one to cut first tracks it can be drilling.

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