32-year-old Shea Helmick of Meridian, Idaho was snowboarding out of bounds last night at Bogus Basin and attempted to jump a road which unfortunately ended up being the last jump he'd make.  A teenager behind the wheel of a 2006 Hummer H2 happened to be driving by that exact spot Helmick was jumping at the exact WRONG time striking Helmick with the vehicle and ultimately taking his life.

This crash took place just after 3 o'clock at milepost 15 on Bogus Basin Road.  The driver of the vehicle had one other person in the Hummer.  Both were wearing seatbelts and not injured in the accident.  Helmick didn't have a chance once he took that jump, probably knowing at the last second that there was no going back and he was in big trouble.  A freak accident that seems a bit like catching lightning in a bottle.  The odds of something happening like this, where the timing couldn't be more perfect in the worst way.  At this time we can only wish Helmick's family the best and keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

KTVB reports that Bogus Basin Road was shut down for a few hours but has since been completely reopened.

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