These have been catching on all over the place, flotation tanks that are float therapy and can help people unplug completely. It can also be used for pain management, wellness and more.

I went with my friend Nicole to a wellness center in Nampa called Elevate that offers a range of services. Mainly focused on mediation, relaxation, isolation, weight loss and overall wellness. They have three different float tanks and provide float therapy to those that need it or can use it. It's not for everyone and they talk about that, I knew that going in.

I am someone that suffers from severe motion sickness and vertigo and so I had read that I may have more of an issue then most. I still wanted to try it and think it is important to do so just in case your body didn't react the way you thought it would.

Many people talk about the claustrophobia and not being able to do it for that reason but it actually is very open and large. Unfortunately for me, it was the motion inside the tank, lights off and floating that got me pretty sick. My motion sickness was not allowing me to do this, the light motion of the water and your body being weightless was not good for me. Now leaving the light on did help but still the motion and I am not sure what else had me just on the verge of having to let it all out. I also kept getting salt in my eye cause I was sitting up due to not feeling well. In thought, the floating was really cool and wish my body would allow me to do this. I could use some deep sleep.

If you can relax, if you can deal with the light movement and the tank then this is a great thing to add to your health routine. According to The brain enters the theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming.

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