Chalk drawings have made walks through Treasure Valley neighborhoods more interesting over the past few weeks, and the messages are still going strong. But there's always more to each story. 

We usually end up seeing the finished product, rather than the work in progress, so it's interesting to dive into the creative process with these budding little Picassos.

My daughter is eight, and she is a huge fan of the painter, Bob Ross.  I'm not quite sure how it started, but she is soothed by his voice and mesmerized by his ability to make something out of nothing in twenty minutes as we all are, and she watches him on Youtube during breaks from online school.  She loves and appreciates art.

Piper chalk

She hauled sidewalk chalk to our sidewalk the other day and started to draw.  While she was doing that, an amazing artist relative of mine started drawing too and created a chalk portrait of Piper as she was in the creative swing of things -- a drawing of Piper as she was drawing.  How cool!  Meanwhile, I can mess up a drawing of a stick person.  This family of mine has hoarded all of the artistic ability and left me with none, but I love them anyway.

I've seen other kids around the neighborhood create some pretty amazing mosaics, and others have used sidewalks for positive messages of hope and silly sayings.

If you've seen some creative sidewalk art on your walks around the neighborhood, please send me a pic or post it on our Facebook page.  We'd love to celebrate the kids and their creativity.  #chalkyourwalk

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