I have a friend who is very passionate about how dog moms should absolutely be celebrated just as much as people moms on Mother's Day, she has a few reasons why...

I won't mention her by name because you know how the internet is, but she's got a few reasons,

  • Number one: Dog moms deal with some of the same issues as people moms, like waking up in the night to feed or to visit the restroom.
  • Number two: People judge you by how well behaved your dog is.
  • Number three: According to psychologists, the "love hormone", oxytocin, is activated when people and dogs make eye contact just as it does between two people, so with the argument being, there is just as much love between dog and person as there is between two people
  • And lastly: Some people can't or won't ever become a people mom, so why should they be discarded as a "mom"?

Personally, I'm a dog person but I don't think it's equivalent, but she says dog moms need to be celebrated! What do you think?

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