Should the legal age to smoke in the State of Idaho move up from 18 to 21?  An advocacy group is trying once again to make that the case. 

Even from most smokers, you aren't likely to find many people who would say it's a great thing to take up or we should make it easier for young people to start the habit.

The group is called Tobacco 21 and they first attempted to move legislation through last year.  It did not make it outside of committee, though.

In coverage from WOWT TV, Corey Surber from St. Alphonsus says, "We know that 95 percent of adult smokers start smoking before age 21" and adds "We're spending about $508 million a year in tobacco-related illness costs, and that comes down to about $640 for every household in Idaho. It's a significant cost in terms of lives and financially to the state."

According to Tobacco 21, the biggest resistance to the proposed change is from retailers who sell tobacco and e-cigarette products.  Idaho wouldn't be alone, as five states including neighboring Oregon have moved the legal age for smoking to 21.

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