We've been constantly watching police footage around the country as hot topics on almost every news channel. We hear that someone was shot, but we never really see what happened. People want to know exactly what happened in these cases based on police brutality.

Idaho continues to grow and that doesn't come without conscience. The more people, the more crime and added tragedy. We heard about a Garden City Police shooting recently and now we have footage.

Garden City Police Footage of April Shooting

This is a shooting in progress with a tragic outcome as the man dies from his gunshot.  wounds. This came from a domestic violence call according to authorities and you can see how quickly things turned deadly.

Offers are talking as a man walks out, police begin to ask if a certain person lives there when the man raises his hands threatening to kill officers. This is a split-second decision because as the man opens the door, there is a revolver in his hand which gets all the way in the officer's face before shots are fired.


We publically have seen other tragic videos whether it was Breonna Taylor or George Floyd. This has dominated our headlines and has found its way to Boise. Shootings are tragic no matter who loses a life. This video does show you how quickly the tables can turn and life gets taken.

The report showed that the officer's actions were justified in this case. I'm still shocked that the officer wasn't shot.

KTVB just posted the video and broke this story. Beware, this footage isn't edited and shows graphic content.


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