Imagine a frothy beverage in hand, some great food, sunny and 74, and this guy on stage this Saturday.  Yes please.

JJ Grey & Mofro have been all over the country touring with songs from least five albums, and they've got a big following.  You know what I love about this guy?  He's not too fancy, he's not trying to be cool, and he's not playing music so he can get some good pics for his Instagram account.  Music is in his bones, and he's just good.  Some of the comments on Youtube say, "The best band you've never heard."  Exactly.

JJ Grey & Mofro will be on stage Saturday afternoon at Barber Park for the America on Tap Harvest Beer Festival.  Over 100 craft beers, food, live music, and awesome weather!  What a great spot to take a Tinder date, or hang out with the hubs.  All your friends will be there.

Click HERE for info, and get tickets at America On

Oh, and JJ Grey says on his website he's got his own beer brewin'!  It's the Nare Sugar Brown Ale.  He's fifty shades of interesting, this JJ Grey.

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