When I got married at 21, I thought it would just work out. I had heard that marriage takes work, but I didn't really know what that meant. Approaching 40, I find myself in a new relationship and these are some lessons I would like to pass on to you. 

It's often things that you never thought would impact your relationship that ultimately start taking a toll. That's why I thought this list from msn.com was so great. It looks at things you may have never thought of before.

1. Declutter. (Physical clutter can have an impact on your mood.)

2. Hit the gym together (When you work on your bodies together, you do better as a team.)

3. Recreate your favorite dates (think back to your early days and try to recreate those moments.)

4. Take a class together. (One of my favorite things my boyfriend and I ever did was a "paint and sip class." You could do the same with yoga, pottery, or gardening.

5. Commit to a weekly date night. (This is so important. I never committed to this in my first marriage and I wish I would have.)

6. Put Sex on the calendar. (I've always struggled with scheduling sex. It's never worked for me, but I do think you should allow some bonding time where it could potentially happen.)

7. Tackle a major goal together.

8. Surprise your partner with acts of kindness

9. Visit a therapist together. (I have found great value in therapy. Who doesn't need an unbiased mediator?! )

10. Form a daily ritual together. (Whether it's coffee, or going for a walk, these simple moments can be incredibly bonding.)

While we are quarantined, it creates the perfect environment to work on your relationship. I've certainly learned it's the little things that matter most.

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