Saturday night was the best, because there wasn't a lot on the to-do list. Savannah and I got a few chores done around the house then decided to go out for some burgers and finally check out the painting, clay studio, and all things art called Puffy Mondaes downtown Nampa.

When the night starts out with a stop at Boise Fry Company it's always a good night. The burger was fantastic and the fries were even better. After eating we walked to the other end of the same block and stopped into Puffy Mondaes.

We got lucky and they were surprisingly slow for a Saturday night and we could sit down immediately and start painting stuff. I was working on a Cactus Cup and Savannah is doing a Pineapple Mug.

As we we're painting we began chatting with the lady behind the register, which we later learned was the business owner Keren. It was amazing how much knowledge she had about Nampa and the downtown area, although as a business owner there for the past 11-years it makes sense.

The thing I was most impressed with throughout my time at Puffy Mondaes was learning about how this small business gives back. All paint that ends up not being used by people in the studio they put in contains and donate it to schools in Nampa. So much fun downtown Nampa on a random Saturday night!

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