Checks and Balances

Boise, Idaho. Local runners, you could be running from rapists and not even know it.

When's the last time you checked your frequent or favorite routes for sex offenders on the Idaho Sex Offender Registry? Maybe you've never checked it at all. Whatever the case, today's a perfect day to adopt a habit that could save your life. Check the Idaho Sex Offender Registry right now, right here.

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Idaho Sex Offender Legislation: key facts

According to the National Registered Offenders List, the Idaho Sex Offender Law was enacted on 1 Jul. 1993. The act revolutionized the manner in which the state of Idaho dealt with criminal sexual deviancy. Extracted in the passage below are key points from:


  • (3) "At the time of registration, the sheriff shall obtain a photograph and fingerprints, in a manner approved by the department, and require the offender to provide full palm print impressions of each hand."
  • (6) " be upon or to remain on the premises of a day care center, group day care facility or family day care home while children are present, other than to drop off or pick up the offender’s child or children."
  • (7) "An offender shall keep the registration current for the full registration period. The full registration period is for life; however, offenders may petition for release from the full registration period as set forth in section 18-8310, Idaho Code."

Search and reference sex offenders in every state by following this link: Sexual Offenders Registration Notification and Community Right-to-Know Act

Safety in Transparency

Law enforcement knows there's safety in transparency. Mandating Idaho sex offenders to report their crimes to local law enforcement, and residents by extension, is transparency in practice. It harkens back to the simple idea that knowing better will amount to making better choices.

By obligating sex offenders to disclose their crimes, Idaho lawmakers and law enforcement kill two birds with one stone: promoting awareness to prevent recidivism.

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