We had one of those "fun" weekends...you know the ones where you have to accomplish something with very little time - very little money - and very few options?  We lost the transmission in our car a few weeks back and (even though many manage and we hoped we could) we are not making the one car family thing work well.

Our finances have been messy and we're trying to put things back where they need to be so this "new" (to us at least) car was going to have to be a cash purchase.  That meant searching all throughout the Treasure Valley and eventually a trip to Salt Lake City.  I was not excited.

I became excited as we headed east to Utah as the drive to Mountain Home was much quicker.  What was the reason?  The new Idaho speed limits.


I mean, yes, technically I was doing 80 before (when it was 75) but now I can do 83 without the fear of monetary punishment.  All joking aside, the trip did seem faster, and I didn't feel there were safety concerns.  We did find a car and I loved the increased limits.

Now if we could just get them to take them up a on the Connector or between the airport and Nampa.

What do you think about the new 80 limit?