There is not a single human I have ever met who enjoys traffic. Not once have I heard anyone proclaim joy at encountering road work, commute delays, or route detours. We're all just trying to get from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. Especially when it comes to a routine, daily commute, the last thing anyone needs is for it to be obstructed with with roadwork and now you have to find some alternate way to get to where you're going. We're creatures of habit! Deviating is stressful.

The Treasure Valley has enough road work with I-84 in Nampa alone. This meme doesn't hit home for nothing:

Meme by John Moug
Meme by John Moug

Now we can expect major delays in Meridian as Black Cat Road, between Ustick and McMillan will be closed April 12th- 30th.Traffic already backs up there during peak commuting hours because it's one lane each way and relies on 4-way stops. Detouring will be super inconvenient. Especially in the beginning as people forget the closure is happening.

Even worse, Pleasant View Elementary's major cross streets are Black Cat and McMillan. The route many parents use to get there will now be closed for 19 days. The school sent a text directive for families to begin exploring alternate routes for their commute to and from the school. But this is good advice for anyone who has to drive in that direction.

Safe to say this will cause all sorts of traffic congestion. Plan accordingly; leave sooner than normal and pay attention to detour signage. Happy driving! This is going to be annoying.

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