It’s a New Year and as we all prepare for self-improvement with our resolutions, so will the Ada County Highway District as they prepare to start construction of the Ten Mile Road Project. The construction will be taking place between Overland and Victory on Ten Mile Road later this month which will mean we’ll see a little bit more traffic in the area. Locals seem to have divided opinions as the area in which construction will begin isn’t as busy as other parts of town that could use the upgrade. Here is what we can expect when the project finishes completion in the fall of 2022 according to the Ada County Highway District.

Ten Mile Road Project To Begin Late January 2022

The Ten Mile Road Project will begin construction in late January 2022! Here's what we can expect from the project that will finish in Fall of 2022. 

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

10 Bad Driving Habits That Could Get You in Trouble With the Police in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Where You Should Avoid Driving in Idaho

Here is where you should avoid driving in hazardous road conditions due to weather in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media

Five Driving Rules Idahoans Should Adopt

Yes, living in the Treasure Valley is great however sometimes it can just take being "rubbed" the wrong way on our streets to completely throw you off for the day. Road rage, as we have seen from recent viral TikTok posts, is REAL here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes, we get so used to streets not being busy that when they are, we go a little crazy. This is the case from the freeway, as well. According to a local driving group, this graphic sums up a list of rules that Idaho drivers need to pay attention to. What do you think?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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