There's so much beauty in Idaho to be explored. When you're someone like me though, a 24 year old city girl who just moved here with limited wilderness experience and no sense of direction, guided tours are your best bet to make adventures a lot less intimidating. Anyone can learn what its like to fish and tour the Salmon River and Hells Canyon like a local with Hammer Down River Excursions.

Hammer Down River Excursions in White Bird offers jet boat tours, fishing trips and private excursions on the Salmon and Snake River in North Idaho. These excursions aren't just for newbies and tourists though. They are also a convenient way to transport you and all you gear for a camping trip or raft float up the river. These rides are guaranteed to make it a blast riding those rapids.

If you're itching for some adventure soon, seats are still available for the upcoming Hells Canyon Dam with tours falling on May 7th and May 9th. This tour will get you to the heart of the deepest canyon in North America. Sit back and let the river tour boat captians do all of the work, blasting through the class 5 white water rapids while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Snake River. Lunch and drinks are also provided on the Hell’s Canyon Dam boat tour and shuttles rides are available to get you there.

Hammer Down River Excursions offers a handful of other tours as well including the Scenic River Tour, Salmon River Evening Cruise, and the Power Hour Tour.

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