It had been three weeks since I'd physically been with my children. In those three weeks I started co-hosting Moug & Angie Mornings, explored The Treasure Valley, and dined on food from places to which I'd never been. I've had a blast, but it's been torture not sharing any of it with my boys.

Over the weekend I devised a plan to surprise Aiden and Liam with a visit from Mommy. As they are children, it was easy making sure they were home at the right time. Daddy picked me up from the airport while the kiddos stayed at their grandparent's house playing in the courtyard. When the time came, Timbo pulled up his phone camera and recorded the sweetest reunion I could have imagined. I finally had my boys in my arms.

What a dream to finally be the favorite parent since they'd been missing me as much as I missed them. Liam, the 3 year old, refused to let Daddy in the same room as us while we played. "No! You leave, Daddy. Just Mommy plays with Liam!"  Aiden regaled me with stories of Fortnite victories and pranks he's pulled on his little brother. I felt whole.

I'm back and ready for work. Still enjoying this new adventure in a place that already feels like home. But it was nice to recharge the family batteries and I can't wait til they are with me again.

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