From castles to treehouses, there are some unique stays in Idaho available to book on Airbnb. These types of rentals are more than just a place to sleep at night; they're about the experience!
One Airbnb located near Deary, Idaho is exceptionally unique! For $315 a night you can stay in a restored train carriage from the year 1909. This train car ran on the Washington Idaho & Montana Railway until around 1955. Car number 306 was bought new from the American Car and Foundry Co. Today, it's a charming Airbnb.
The train car sets on 145 acres of forest and wheat fields and showcases some spectacular views. A covered porch surrounds the car and provides the perfect place to find peace and solitude.
Here's what a couple of guests had to say about their stays:
"This B&B is like no other. The lovingly restored and refitted Train car is a delight to behold! Its setting is beautiful with the rolling hills and mountains all around. Wonderful to make your coffee and sit out front on the ‘platform’ to watch the wildlife."
"If you want to shake off the dust from civilization and just be at peace with nature, read a book, enjoy uninterrupted conversations with someone special in your life, or just just set the "pause" button, this is the place. The accommodations are first class and this train can transport you back in time to a simpler life"
The owners of the rental property spent the entire first half of 2020 moving and restoring the train car transforming it into what it is today.

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