Whether or not you have children, there's something magical about the words "spring break." Now, most of us who are working all the time will say "I haven't had a spring break in years, I'm an adult!"

Well, SUSAN, adults can treat themselves in any way they want, and darn it, if we want to give ourselves a spring break then we will. For the record, I don't know a "Susan", it isn't a real person and isn't directed at any particular "Susans" in Idaho. But if you have a "Susan" in your life, maybe you do need a spring break.

Think about all of the stresses of work, focusing on making sure the kids are on top of their game, being constructive and productive little humans in the world... and you still have to make sure that dinner is on the table. What we're trying to say is... TREAT YOURSELF!

Let's take a look at some of the best hotels you can book for your spring staycation.

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