For some reason I have always been intrigued by the work done by police officers. I love the fact that they are there to assist people in the community when needed. Growing up and still to this day some of my favorite shows on television or movies I enjoy have some sort of law enforcement or crime plot line. As a kid I had a desire to be in law enforcement and as I grew up and learned more about it I decided radio would be much more fun. Although today I did complete the paperwork to do a ride along with the Nampa Police Department.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

They actually make it really simple if you want to do a ride along, click here for the information. The real reason I really wanted to sign up for the ride along was to find out more about the city that I just made my home. After being in Nampa for several months now I truly enjoy it here, but I want to know more about the big problems that affect our community.

At this point I am just waiting for someone from the Nampa Police Department to contact me and let me know if I am approved for the ride along and set up a date and time. Of course I will let you know as things progress but I look forward to learning a lot from our local law enforcement. And I also want to thank as many of them as I can for what they do to help make our neighbors safe each day.

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