People across the country have been following the Moscow quadruple murder case closely and recently, news broke that there are plans for the house to be torn down.

Reasons include not wanting the site of the murders to continue to draw attention and act as a "tourist" stop for true crime fans. Another reason?

To prevent TikTok dances.

That's right - TikTok dances. According to a report from News Nation, eyewitnesses are seeing countless people visit the house throughout the day. Some are even recording coordinated dances to perform on the property for social media.

I have a few questions that come to mind when I think about someone having the nerve to do this at the site of a horrible crime. The first and most obvious question is: why?

While a lot of us have become numb to people doing dumb things for clout on social media but why stoop this low? The second question I would have for anyone doing this is: is this the best thing you could think of to post?

All of that being said... where are the videos?

The Moscow murders have drawn a lot of mainstream media attention and people all over Idaho's Reddit are calling "BS" on the reports of TikTok dances at the home of the murders:

On the other hand, there are quite a few people who believe the reports of these TikTok dances and are absolutely infuriated:

No matter how you look at it, the fact that this is even a topic of discussion is downright sad. If the reports aren't true, then none of this is even worth discussing.

But, if people are, in fact, going to the Moscow murder house to record coordinated dances for TikTok and social media? Then yes, we've reached a new low.

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