I moved to Boise to further pursue my dream career in radio. It is pure joy waking up early in the morning to bring you fun and laughter during your morning routine and commute to work. But I couldn't make the decision to move here on my own. My husband needed to be on board. He needed more reasons than just me getting a job.

An easy point to sell him on was Boise State football. Tim loves college football, but we lived in Las Vegas, home to UNLV's sad excuse for a team. Even though the pandemic canceled this season, next year will be here before we know it and we'll be attending Broncos games knowing there will be a lot of winning involved.

Our two kids of course deserve consideration. According to Forbes, Boise ranks number 2 in best cities to raise a family out of the 100 largest metropolitan cities in the U.S. Based solely on education, it easily outranks Las Vegas.

Finally, the weather. Yes, it's been hot lately. It's summer. But we're used to scorching heat. What we haven't experienced is all four seasons. The fact that fall and winter will be distinct and beautiful is appealing beyond measure for someone who's lived with grey and darker grey as the seasonal landscape for so long.

Now I want my mom and sister to move out here. What are your favorite reasons for living here? They aren't football fans in the slightest, so I need to beef up my argument with other points.


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