Every so often there is a video that breaks that makes you sit back and say Oh My God. This is one of those for me. I love paranormal stuff, ghost stories, ghost pics, audio taken from haunted locations etc. A new video has captured probably the most amazing footage of that will floor you. You have to see this. 

DID YOU SEE THAT! What in the ever long heck was that!!! That looks like a real stinking ghost. The video taken by the show Most Haunted shows what looks like a real apparition walking up the stairs. This was during an investigation at in Stratford England at the Wentworth Woodhouse Mansion which was built in 1630 by the Duke of Stratford. Many who visit the location have experienced incidents just like this. Idaho, may not be the most haunted place in the States but we do have our fair share. The top 5 most haunted places to catch a ghost in the gem state you don't have to wait for Halloween to experience them.


So who is ready to go Ghost Hunting? Ya never know maybe Idaho may be the next place to catch someone on film as clear as this. - JD

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    Farragut State Park

    Northern Idaho has a secret. It's called Farragut State Park located in Bayview Idaho, and it has been named the Most Haunted Place in Idaho a few different times. It is a vacation go to spot for many Gem State locals, but it also is a hot spot for the paranormal. The campgrounds also are known as The Brig is not for the faint of heart. A homicide, an old jail, hauntings are not the only stories to tell about around the camp fire. An apparition in World War II gear has been seen walking the grounds by many guests. The scary part, he is described as almost human-like except that he has a faint tint to him and oh yeah disappears out of the blue. On top of ghosts on the grounds, a recent drone flight by a local could have captured BIGFOOT. Oh, Mike is going to love this. Don't believe me? Check it out around the 2:00 mark.

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    Shoshone Ice Caves

    In Shoshone Idaho, get ready to explore the culture of years gone by.  Sacred Indian History and a Haunted Homes litter the landscape as another hot spot for the spooky. The Shoshone Ice Caves is not just a place to see ancient Caves where the ICE made the town famous for being the only area in Southern Idaho where you could get an Ice Cold Beer. Phantom footsteps and voices can be heard long after the visitors leave the roadside attraction. Could it be an old Shoshone Princess who perished years ago wondering the caves?

  • Credit: Google Maps
    Credit: Google Maps

    Power County Hospital In American Falls

    People have reported apparitions, phantom Doctors who smell of cigars and noises throughout the entire old mental Hospital. Many former patients have been known to make a return visit after they pass. Also, a tall elderly man who stands in the doorway of patients just observing. Spooky!

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    Old Mercy Hospital Nampa

    Before the Old Mercy Hospital In Nampa met its demise via fire in 2016, this place was filled with haunted visitors and sounds. Demons have also been reported to walk the halls. Which is freaking scary. In the east wing, the “pink room” with bright pink walls would seem to be just a pretty room right. NO, smeared with blood that seemed to be placed there by the angry spirit of the psychopath that once resided there are the rumors for how the human blood was found. If you ever spent a night walking the corridor here many said you didn't leave alone.

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    The Old Penitentiary

    The NUMBER 1 place to go inside the city limits of Boise. We all know the stories of death, hauntings and just freaky weird tells that come from a visit to the Old Pen. I've been inside the place a few different times and each time I walk away feeling like I didn't leave alone. The popular TV Show Ghost Adventures came and spent the night locked up and found some pretty scary stuff. Take a look. If you ain't afraid of no ghosts before you enter, you may be when you leave.

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