Real Ghost Caught On Tape. Where You Can Find Them In Idaho
Every so often there is a video that breaks that makes you sit back and say Oh My God. This is one of those for me. I love paranormal stuff, ghost stories, ghost pics, audio taken from haunted locations etc. A new video has captured probably the most amazing footage of that will floor you. You have …
Real Ghosts Captured In Photographs
Everyone has a camera these days....Have you ever captured something unexplained in a photo? A ghost, some sort of apparition or being from another dimension?  Share that photo with us and you could win tickets to Haunted World.
Boise Has Some Of the Best Haunted Spots in Idaho
Halloween is not far off, and October will be a great time to discover some new "haunts."
One haunted spot in Boise is at a popular place where you might have seen a concert.  Another involves a ghost horse, riding at a local cemetery.  And another is on the Boise State ca…
Pennies From Heaven From Mike's Ghost?
If you've listened to The Mike and Kate Showgram in the past, you've heard about the ghost that Mike thinks is in his house.  A lot of things have happened over the years that couldn't be explained, but apparently now there is an Angel in the house based on this crazy thing that …