Two words that make me super happy, QUICK and SIMPLE. I need these things in my life. And I'm pretty sure you do as well. When it comes to fixin' dinner those two words make me a happy camper. 

We know that MIX 106 listeners live busy lives. That's why, when we score quick and easy recipes (that are budget friendly as well) we can't wait to share them with you!

We turned to Molly Tevis who is the amazing registered dietician for Albertsons to show us some quick, easy, healthy AND budget-friendly recipes that our listeners can test out at home!

Our goal was to find recipes that our listeners can make at home in under 10 minutes - because we want cooking at home to be simple! The results? An amazing balanced meal that's equally delicious and affordable!

Here's how you can make chicken pasta with veggies at home using ingredients you can find at your local Treasure Valley grocery store.


Chicken and Pasta some steamed veggies and some sauce. 10 minutes tops and boom there is your summer time meal.

We'll be sharing 10 minute meals throughout the year, but if you want recommendations between our episodes, feel free to stop by the Eagle Albertsons! Molly is there throughout the week helping people find healthy recipes and items to purchase. Whether you're diabetic, on a diet, or looking to protein up, she can help you shop for delicious recipes like ours above!


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