I'm trying ya'll, I really really am. I just can't seem to kick this fear. And honestly, is it really that big of a deal? So many people have the same issue as me. 

I'm trying to conquer this fear, but it's really stinking hard. Especially now that it's fall and these are going to be everywhere. This weekend was the Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic present by CapEd at Ann Morrison park. One our families favorite events like so many Treasure Valley Families. YES. It was amazing...until Nicole, knowing my affliction with a certain type of costumed "fun times" thing walked right by. CLOWNS!! Freaking CLOWNS. I just can't.

To give props where pros are do, the folks over at Requiem Haunted House are amazing. They played the part of Scary A** Clown to the T! This is the largest indoor Haunted House in the entire Treasure Valley. SO they know a few things about how to scare people, and they for sure got me. So job well done, ladies and gents, you got tons of attention at the Spirit Of Boise, and your haunting season is right around the corner. Doors open September 15th 7:30 P.M. All the scary details await you at www.requiemhaunt.com One thing for sure, you can take my place cause I ain't going out there. You can forget it. :) - JD

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