It was the longest three months EVER! Casa Valdez a popular tortilla making factory in Caldwell closed down earlier this year because the owner decided to retire. There were a lot of disappointed people when they heard the news, including my family. My wife would only purchase Casa Valdez because they not only were local but they were the freshest, most delicious tortillas available. Well, Casa Valdez fans unite! There's some really good news!

After a three-month closure, the Casa Valdez tortilla factory is up and running again.

Casa Valdez closed earlier this year after 41 years of operation. Owner Jose Valdez said he was closing because he wanted to retire and has also had trouble finding good reliable consistent help, especially since the economy for the Treasure Valley was doing well and there were so many other jobs available to job seekers.

The factory has found a new owner/operator and Valdez didn’t have to look very far. Jose only had to look down the dinner table, as he has now turned over the keys to the factory to his son, Joe Valdez Jr. Joe, Jr. will continue cranking out fresh delicious corn tortillas and chips for all of us to enjoy.  (Flour products not yet available)

The factory opened last week and for now, the factory is only selling products at its shop at 502 E. Chicago St. in Caldwell which is OK for our family, as my wife’s main office is just down the street, so she can stop in any time she wants to restock.

In an article in the Idaho Press Tribune Valdez says: "We're just making enough products to sell to walk-in customers," Valdez said. "It will be a while before we start selling again in stores."

Part of the reason is that the operation is currently being handled exclusively by family members alone until previous employees and or new employees can be hired back to work.

You may be asking why Casa Valdez decided to rise from the ashes….Valdez said, “Demand from customers brought back the business.”…..well that and maybe a little wishful thinking and some prayers from my wife…she for one is super happy that they are back.

You can more details and read the article here

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