Police are asking for the communities help in tracking down a woman accused of using $100 bills at stores around Boise that are all counterfeit. The first instance of this happening was on Monday afternoon near Franklin and Milwaukee streets. After realizing the money was fake those employees called the cops immediately.

After that first instance, they found other businesses in Boise and Meridian that had reported the same crime with the same description of the woman. She is probably in her 20's or early 30's with long strawberry blonde hair. And oddly enough she has been wearing medical scrubs in each of the surveillance videos that have captured her.

Boise Police also mentioned that she might be driving a dark-colored soft top convertible. If you have any details on who she is or where the police can contact her you're encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 208-343-2677. And if your job requires you to handle money be careful when checking to see if it is real.

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