This is really why I am in the business that I am in. The fact we were able to help this family and possibly change their life is amazing. Thanks to the College of Western Idaho for making this happen.

Cindy is the one who nominated her son Cody. She writes that he is an amazing son who is interested in Sports Medicine but she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and that has been put in the back of Cody's mind, understandably. Of course, mom Cindy doesn't want him to wait and wants him to do it now or he may possibly never do it.

Her story not only tugged at our heartstrings but it showed the passion he has to learn, the willingness to be selfless and the need. Take a few moments if you can and listen to this great interview.

Can't wait to stay in touch with Cody and Cindy. We are sending healing thoughts for a

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