A photo of a Mountain Home police officer has gone viral on Facebook and it's for a great reason!

An elderly man was stranded along the main road in town in his motorized wheelchair that had stopped working. Officer Kyle Holloway pushed him over a quarter of a mile home in his wheelchair, in triple digit heat at that! Think about it too,  how HOT must it have been! 102 degrees outside and they are covered head to toe in a dark color.

I absolutely love what Officer Holloway had to say about his good deed.

"Part of our job is to take people to jail, but that's not what we look forward to,” he said. “We look forward to making sure that everybody goes home and they’re safe, go to work and they’re safe. That's why we put on the badge."


I hope this photo gets shared MORE than the negative ones that are out there. Thank you for your service to our community!




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