Traditional brick and mortar restaurants are cool and all, but have you ever hit up Tango's empanadas truck and double fisted  Moleh and Chinese empanadas? Seriously, food trucks boast some of the most mouth watering eats in the Treasure Valley. The only bad part is tracking down where they are at any given time. You never know when hunger will strike and if you're close by to whatever you're craving. There's an app that can help you locate your favorite food trucks, but imagine a permanent location where you can visit multiple food trucks at once.

Actually, you don't have to because someone else already did and is taking action to make it happen. Michael Deeds of the Idaho Statesman first reported that Brian and Heidi Ramos are hoping to open Cart Life, a new food truck park. Having visited a couple of them in Oregon as well as Boise's seasonal food truck park, The Switchback; the pair were inspired to create a space of their own. Pending an April 5th public hearing for a conditional use permit from the city, the two hope to have things up and running as early as July.

Cart Life would take over the space left behind by Tates Rents on W State Street. The site would have both indoor and outdoor seating, restrooms, and a bar. More importantly it would facilitate access to 5 food trucks. (These would be the best ones.) Bonus points for covered seating for summer shade and gas fire pits for chilly nights. It's also close to the Greenbelt.

Is this the perfect idea? Maybe. But it's all just imaginative wishful thinking until that public hearing. Fingers crossed, 'cause I'm tired of looking up food truck schedules.

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