This feels like a constant chore in our house and probably most. How much stuff do you have in your freezer that just gets lost? Be honest now, how much?

Papa Murphy's found a very creative way to celebrate National Pizza Month by looking for your old pizzas. This is a legit contest.

I guess Papa Murphy's did a study regarding Take 'n' Bake pizzas with various questions. One came back and gave the popular pizza place an idea for a simple contest. One-third of the people said they found a round frozen pizza stashed away in their freezer. These are pizzas that consumers forgot about and just got lost somewhere. My honest first question was, "how big is that freezer!"

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I'm not sure how you lose a pizza but when that crush ice builds up I guess you might lose it. Well, Papa Murphy's is banking on your mistake and launched a new contest, "Search for America's Oldest Frozen Pizza Sweepstakes."

Consumers consider frozen pizza a meal of last resort, and that's why so many sit in freezers forever. Pizza lovers deserve better and, frankly, so does pizza.

That is coming from Kim McBee, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Papa Murphy's. That's a long title so Kim must know what she's talking about. Here's how it works.

The Sweepstakes takes place now through October 8, 2020. Search and carve out your oldest pizza lost somewhere in your poor old freezer. Snap a photo of the evidence with the expiration date visible. Post to twitter @PapaMurphys with #pizzaexchange and #sweepstakes. Papa Murphy's will choose three lucky winners with the oldest pizzas. Each winner will be given one year of free Papa Murphy's pizza, a brand new freezer so you don't lose any more pizzas, and a gift card to fill it up! Merry Pizzamas!

Good luck!

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