There is never an adventure with me where something funny doesn't happen or some issue arises.

This sunday funday was a prime example, I was going snowshoeing with two of my friends and had to drive about 2 hours to do so. Never an adventure with the adventure queen without some obstacles and laughs.

Sadly I didn’t check my snowshoes that my friend mailed me before we drove to snowshoe, having arrived to pristine fresh snow and excitement I knew I had to go in no matter what but the snow was so deep my boots would not of kept me dry and would be rough going miles that way. Thanks to my friend Kelsey and myself for packing enough random mountain gear, with some rope and zip ties, we strapped them on and headed up the mountain. It was god sent that they made it to the yurt, at the yurt they broke completely but thank GOD that parks and rec, forest service and the people who recreate here left behind duct tape and other tools so that we could macgyver my way out. Always impressed with what you can do when you need to and thanks to friends.

I had to get the snowshoes back on as the trek down would have been hard in the snow with my boots. So I am so happy that was there.


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