Good Samaritans can be hard to find—that is unless you live in Boise, Idaho. Like anything else, our beloved Gem State is hardly perfect. We make mistakes, but we're the first to call-out and distinguish ourselves from the bad potatoes. And when we get it right, we find ourselves thrilled at the opportunity to highlight our best and brightest.

For a lot of adults, Monday morning is probably the single-most despised time of the week. As we struggle to get out of our bed for a number of tragic reasons, we're hit yet again by the devastating realization that we didn't wake up rich. In short, Mondays suck for a myriad of reasons. So when we're faced with the unexpected two sips after our morning coffee, or the traffic gods decide they hate us, it can be especially difficult to consider a total stranger's needs.

Today, however, one kindhearted Idahoan did what so many wouldn't do on their Monday morning hustle to work. He set aside Monday's woes to pull over and help another Idahoan in need. As I waited to turn left onto I-84 East at the Ten Mile exit, my sights were fixed on the pickup truck owner's resolve to do the kind thing, despite what it probably cost him. The look of relief on the stranded driver's face as the pickup truck driver greeted him with a friendly smile and jumper cables was plain as day.

Do we always have what it takes to help someone in need? No, and that's understandable. But experiencing it, or even just witnessing it when it happens, is pretty darn awesome. We'll never have the chance to thank the pickup driver for his kind, pay-it-forward actions this morning, but we're thrilled at the opportunity to highlight him as one of our best and brightest!

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