The Farmer's Almanac predictions in the Winter months of 2020 got more readers than I've seen.

Idahoans want to know how to plan for the things that make Idaho most attractive and that's the outdoors. We head into the Summer months and it's back to another prediction and the Old Farmer's Almanac has spoken.

What is the Famer's Almanac?

It was established in 1792 by Robert B. Thomas and is about 80% accurate. I'm not sure how Larry Gebert from KTVB feels about that, but this almanac forecasts 18 months ahead. This is the oldest continuously published periodical in North America.

How do the Farmer's come up with this information?

It's a secret weather prediction formulas based on the Earth's weather influenced by magnetic storms on the surface of the sun. The formula has been polished over the years that add more scientific calculations. These are the three different methods used to make popular long-range forecasts.

  • Solar Science - Studying sunspots and solar activity
  • Climatology - Study of existing weather patterns
  • Meteorology - Study of the atmosphere
Mckayla Crump/Unsplash
Mckayla Crump/Unsplash

What is Boise's Summer Forecast?

Summer looks to be somewhat cooler and rainier than usual. Hottest periods in late June, mid July and mid to late August.

  • June 2021 - Average temperature 65º
  • June 1-9: Rainy periods and cool.
  • June 10-14: Sunny, warm.
  • June 15-20: Showers, Sunny and cool.
  • June 21-30: Isolated t-storms and hot.
  • July 2021 - Average temperature 73º
  • July 1-7: Few t-storms and hot.
  • July 8-19: Scattered t-storms and cooler.
  • July 20-31: T-storms, sunny and cool.
  • August 2021 - Average Temperature 71º
  • August 1-11: T-storms, sunny and cool.
  • August 12-18: T-storms and warm.
  • August 19-28: Suny and hot.
  • August 26-30: Showers, sunny and cool.

Don't get your hopes up that it won't be hot or sad that's it's going to be cold. We've already seen 100º temperatures and those are averages. It's going to be hot and we'll see great lake weather at Lucky Peak. Floating season will be packed. Summer isn't over before it starts. Maybe, it just won't be hot in longer bursts.


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