I've heard from a few people recently of various Ed Helms sightings here in the Treasure Valley. I even saw a picture someone took with the Actor (Hangover, The Office and the upcoming movie Tag). What I don't know is why he's been in Boise recently.

Is it for a movie? Is he on vacation in our beautiful part of the world? Is he researching for a new movie to be based in the Boise Area?

I've heard some rumors that his wife's family is from here. But here's the strange thing. When I Google, Ed Helms and ask who he's married to, even Google doesn't seem to know. No mention of a girlfriend or significant other of any kind.

In an interview with Anna Faris on her podcast, earlier this year Ed stated: "he has been married for several years", but comments, "She enjoys more anonymity than I do." 

Wow, talk about keeping a secret. Pretty amazing in this day and age of paparazzi and photo stalkers, that an actor this big could keep a secret this big.  And from what I've been able to find out through talking to people who've actually spotted him and taken pictures with him, he does visit the Treasure Valley often, because his wife's family is from here. So the next time you see someone who you think looks just like Ed Helms, chances are that it really is him.

I hear he really loves Panera Bread, but that's just a rumor, I have nothing to confirm or refute that he likes to visit Panera when he come makes his trips to the Treasure Valley.


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