There are so many bucket list items to accomplish in a state like Idaho. You can go the David Rush route and go for a bunch of world records. You can go the foodie route and indulge in all the must try eats in Idaho (thinking of the ice cream baked potato). You can go the party route, like riding the mechanical bull at Dirty Little Roddy's. Or you can go the outdoorsy route, like Charlotte Ross did over the weekend.

Millennials who were raised by television they shouldn't be watching grew up knowing her as Detective Connie McDowell on NYPD Blue. And if any of those millennials are superhero nerds, they were nostalgically surprised to see her later as Donna Smoak on Arrow. She's easy to recognize considering she's barely aged in 30 years.

Ross, a self proclaimed fitness fanatic (unlike Friends Ross who was trying to quit the gym), details in her Instagram bio that she "wants to climb every mountain in the world." This time she set her sights on Thompson Peak, the tallest mountain in the Sawtooth Range.

On Sunday she took to twitter to post pictures of her adventure. Check out that flexibility and balance. Proof that at 34 I have some nerve acting like I'm too old to accomplish something like this when she's crushing it at 53. She took this short video to document her feat reaching the summit.

What a gorgeous view! I'm going to stick to Table Rock for now, but good for her! And how cool that we don't have to travel from out of state to enjoy the gorgeous landscape that is Idaho.

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