Idaho is amazing from its waterways to its peaks and everything in-between. There is truly nothing like it. Here in Idaho we also still have some amazing small towns and communities that compared to the hassle of Boise can seem like a blast from the past. Those incredible places that are just a spot on the map where locals leave doors unlocked and wave at everyone that goes by. One of those fantastic little towns sits just below the tallest peak in Idaho.

According to Only in your State, "Mackay, Idaho is often called the 'top of Idaho' since it is at the base of Mt. Borah who's peak reaches 12,662 feet, the highest point in the gem state. It is a sight to see with natural beauty all around and a small western charm town that is plugging away in its own world."

Population in Mackay is just under 500 and those who live there love it and it's easy to see why. It has tons of Western history and has postcard worthy views all around. "The town got its name from a Nevada mining engineer named John w. Mackay who never actually set foot in the town itself. He funded the mines located below Mackay Peak. Even though settlers started in the area in the 1800s the town was officially founded and named Mackay in 1901." - Mackay, Idaho - Wikipedia

Want to know what to do if you find yourself in the breathtaking area, first just take in the grandeur of the mountains and the immense beauty around. Then its time to camp, hike, fish, golf and explore.  The self guided tour of the Mackay Mine is a must do, if you want to truly take it all in. Pick up a map in the area and explore the well-marked historical sites.

Mackay has a reservoir for having fun on the water and amazing trout fishing.  You can even camp for free for up to three days with proper reservations. There are few golf courses in the world that will offer up the views like at the River Park Golf Course. Other things worth checking out is the Main Theater, the Lost Rivers Museum.   After a visit you will not only be calling it The Top of Idaho but also Idaho's Best Kept Secret.

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