If you had to pick someone to trust from a list including weather forecasters, business leaders, journalists, real estate agents, judges, and nurses, who would you pick?  Most of us stick with the ones who might give us the greatest emotional connection, and it's not business leaders.

A survey by Ipsos MRBI, said nurses are champs, with 95 percent of the public saying that they would trust them to tell the truth.  And maybe give us a hug.  I had the BEST labor nurse during childbirth and she was right there until the end letting me squeeze the life out of her forearm and pumping encouraging words into my head the whole time.  I would have trusted her with my firstborn. Buh dump dump.

Other most-trusted professions:




Weather forecasters


With some of those positions, there are hard facts tied to the news they're giving us.  Doctors have test results, judges have the case files, scientists have data, and teachers have grades, and with it written down and proven, it's hard to tell a lie.  We also have that emotional stake with someone like a teacher or nurse because they're usually helpful and caring, and we trust people that we like.

Among the least trustworthy folks:  social media influencers, advertising executives, politicians, bankers, and business leaders.  We're a little skeptical, apparently, or anyone that's too polished, whether they're a politician in a suit or an influencer in yoga pants.

But it's all relative, right?  It comes down to the person in the position and the vibe we get, and ultimately we've got to go with our gut.

Thanks, nurses, for getting us through childbirth and other vulnerable moments with flying colors.  We trust ya completely.  But those influencers....well, we're still working on that.

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