The hot springs are one of Idaho's greatest treasures.  

Home to some of the most gorgeous hot springs in America, many Idaho hot springs are nestled in rugged mountains and serene forests. The Gem State's natural thermal pools blend adventure and therapeutic healing to create unparalleled relaxation.

Whether you're basking in the Goldbug Hot Springs with sweeping views of the Salmon-Challis National Forest or taking in the rustic charm of Kirkham Hot Springs, it's an unforgettable experience.

The geothermal waters are not only soothing but are also said to have therapeutic properties. Towering trees, wildflower blooms, and wildlife sightings are only some of the things that make soaking in the hot springs so soothing and peaceful.

Embracing the joy & freedom of nude soaking.

Enjoying Idaho's delightful hot springs in the nude is simply liberating. It's your time to immerse yourself in nature, feeling the sensation of the water and air against your bare skin. There are no barriers, no shame, and no tan lines. Sounds fantastic, right?

We suppose you're wondering how it's okay to be unclothed in a public space. It just so happens that nude soaking is permitted in the five Idaho hot springs in the gallery below.

In these remote locations, you'll find like-minded visitors who embrace their bodies and others in their natural states. Some belong to the "nudiverse," while others are there in a more novel capacity. Regardless, all are welcome to enjoy the relaxation of the hot springs totally naked.

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5 Gorgeous Idaho Hot Springs You Can Enjoy Naked

Scroll on for a gallery featuring nude-friendly Idaho hot springs and resorts!

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