Oh, we're always thinking food around here.  How many pancakes can you polish off in one sitting?  Now is the time to give it your most determined effort, with all-you-can eat pancakes at IHOP. But it won't last forever.

Saturday mornings just scream pancake time at my house.  And for half of the Treasure Valley too it seems.  And look at this...we don't even have to get out the Bisquick and make them ourselves because IHOP will have the all-you-can-eat deal through February 12th.  No dishes, no mess, and if we can bring ourselves to admit it, these pancakes are probably better than anything we could concoct.

What special rules do we need to know about before we pig out?  Each person has to order a plate, so Dad can't order a stack for himself and share with the kids.  And it's dine-in only.  Other than that, just show up hungry.  Oh, and choose your syrup carefully.  If you go fruity at the beginning it's best to commit for the duration. Or eat all the blueberry-soaked cakes first with razor-like precision before you hit the stack with the maple, or the whole pile will taste like licorice. There's an art to these things.

There are many locations to hit across the Treasure Valley, and if you plan it right and you're really hungry, you could keep eating pancakes all weekend.  You're welcome!

7959 W Emerald St
BOISE, ID 83704-9024
208-322 4467
Open 24 hours.

3599 Federal Way
BOISE, ID 83705-5221
208-426 9125
Open 24 hours.
View Local Page for location at BOISE, ID 83705-5221
3525 E Fairview Ave
MERIDIAN, ID 83642-5803
208-888 1216
Open 24 hours

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