It's just something we'll all need to deal with during this pandemic. Some of the largest chains have been and will continue to shut down as this coronavirus still exists.

There are currently 1,710 IHOP locations in the United States based on statistics for 2019. That number is expected to decrease by another 115 locations and that includes Applebee's.

We've been seeing this across the board right? Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and more businesses made decisions to cut the underperforming locations to protect the company. Yes, it can make you sad but we have over 20 Starbucks locations. Would you really miss 5 of those locations if they went missing? We're not exactly shutting down coffee in Idaho.

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It might be also safe to say that it's our fault. When was the last time you dined in at IHOP? Boise has the Griddle, Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, Elmer's Restaurant, Waffle Me Up, Bacon, Trolley House and that's just to name a few. Wait, can't you order some of those right to your front door? We have DoorDash, Uber Eats and that has us accustomed to ordering food online. You going to order Waffle Me Up! or IHOP?

I grew up with Denny's. I feel like my dad lived his life to start every day with a cup of coffee at Denny's. That's all I remember as a kid. The IHOP and Denny's in other places I've lived were the after bar spots. I lived in Anchorage and Spokane where they had off duty officers working the front door those nights because it was like another club event.

If you're leaving a place downtown Boise you're just grabbing something from a truck or choosing something in the app to waiting for you at home.

IHOP saw revenues drop 23.5% according to Dine Brands, the parent company of IHOP and Applebee's. So, take your family and enjoy what could be soon gone. I personally love all the different syrups they have on the counter for pancakes. I think I might go grab some now!

Happy Halloween? You can visit our Treasure Valley locations almost like a goodbye below.

  • IHOP - 3599 S Federal Way in Boise
  • IHOP - 7959 W. Emerald St. in Boise
  • IHOP - Meridian Crossing
  • IHOP - In Nampa at 1420 Nampa-Caldwell BLVD

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