While it involves crayons and markers, pictionary is by no means an easy game. That's exactly what Nick Jonas learned when he attempted to play the game last Friday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After multiple rounds, exactly zero of the actors successfully won a Pictionary clue.

But while winning is great, losing is so much more fun.

Jonas was joined by fellow actors Don Cheadle and Kevin Bacon. At one point, Fallon draws the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Nick Jonas cautiously suggests, "The leaning tower?"

Fallon literally drops to the floor: "What leaning tower?"

But Jonas can't answer. Can't a leaning tower just be a ... leaning tower? He shrugs, smiles, and the scene moves to total chaos. Pictionary might be a game you play as a child. Here, adults, and some of Hollywood's most successful celebrities - in fact, some of the worlds most successful people - absolutely lose their minds when it comes to describing one of the world's most recognized landmarks.

Props go to Kevin Bacon for then coming up and giving Nick Jonas the best hint of the night: an actual slice of pizza. "The Leaning Tower of Pizza," Jimmy Fallon shouts. "C'mon!!" But Jonas, for all his charm, still quite can't get it.

Side note: while we all like history, I think every one of us here wouldn't mind consuming a leaning tower of pizza.

Later in the show, Nick Jonas played his hit song "Chains."

Check out the video clip above - just make sure you're in a place where it's socially acceptable to laugh out loud.

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