Usually, on the Mix Morning Show, we play some pretty silly games. And this game I was for sure preparing myself for failure. Sure enough, I did, and there were repercussions to my actions on the air. Watch this video and see what happened when Mike and I lose at a game of "Catch Phrase". 

It was an intense battle between the three of us, but Mike and I ended up being the losers. No doubt you've seen the bit before on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The deal was, Mike brought in his 2 plus week old Easter Eggs, which by the way he didn't decorate, but the loser of the game would have to smash the eggs into our foreheads. The game was played, Nicole killed us taking with a 3-0 record. Mike pulled in 1 correct answer out of 3, and I pulled in the same. SOO who had the raw eggs, and who smashed the boiled eggs on our faces? You will have to watch and see.

Even though I may have lost during the actual game, I feel like I walked away from the day the winner. lol. Thanks for playing with us every morning, it really does mean the world. We love getting to wake up with you every day and driving with you to work. Listen all week long for more tickets to see some of the hottest concerts coming to the Treasure Valley and another chance for you to see Maroon 5 at the Pendleton Whiskey Music Festival this July in Pendleton Oregon. BTW, did you notice how important it was for Mike to make sure his hair looked okay? Did you see it too? Okay good lol. - JD

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