If you had to pick one thing, what would you say "good riddance" to in 2016?

Spanx?  Kale?  Your new hoverboard?  Tell us what you would give the boot.

In New York this week they held an event that helped people say, "Good Riddance.  Shred-it and forget it."  The booth was set up just a short distance away from where the ball will drop on New Year's Eve, and it gave people a chance to drop off items and smash or shred them, with the idea in mind that they could get rid of the negative vibes in 2015 and start 2016 off having buried the painful past.  Or at least one piece of it.

People brought laptops, pictures of ex-boyfriends, pink slips, and all sorts of stuff that they wanted to destroy and never think about again.  Even credit card statements.

As much as I love online dating and have had a little success recently, I think I'd have to say I'd love for Tinder to be my "good riddance."  No more swiping right, no more judging guys according to the way their flannel shirt fits as they hold that dead fish in the profile picture, and no more analyzing why I say the dumbest things to the hottest guys.

If you could say goodbye to one thing in 2015, what would it be?

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