It's going to be a modern take on Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, and it's opening to the public on Monday, January 9th.

The chef behind the restaurant plans to use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Richard Langston is a Boise foodie who has been creating inspired dishes in the Treasure Valley for years, and he's opening up his latest venture on Monday.  You've probably encountered his creations before.  He's been behind Richard’s Café Vicino in Boise, two Hyde Park locations: Richard’s Bakery & Café and Richard’s Across the Street, and he's been the chef at Amore in downtown Boise.  After all that, the new restaurant doesn't need to be called anything other than "Richard's."

Starting Monday, Richard’s will provide all food and beverages and the Inn at 500 Capitol, and will put on banquets and other catered events.  Richard's website says the food will be locally-sourced and sustainably-grown, and most of it will come from within 200 miles of the restaurant at 500 Capitol Street.  That includes, meat, fish, eggs, and honey.

You know how we love food news around here.  That's the latest!   After all the calories we've burned scooping snow, we'll be ready for some good grub on Monday.


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