We all complain about how bad drivers are out there.  If you want a detailed list of some of the most common idiotic driving habits you'll run in to here in the Treasure Valley just check out The 10 Commandments of Driving In Boise.  It looks like some of these BAD driving habits that aren't necessarily against the law are now becoming illegal.

KTVB reports on a new Idaho law that makes it illegal to drive too slowly in the fast lane.  More than 300 new laws go in to effect starting tomorrow, July 1st, and one of them is the left lane driving law.  The law states that you cannot drive under the speed limit in the far left lane of a freeway or highway when you're disrupting the flow of traffic and not allowing others to travel at the speed limit.

There are all sorts of different scenarios of why and when this happens but it seems the most common reason is those that are used to 60 mph limits and find themselves in an 80 mph limit.  The fact is, it can be dangerous and that's what lawmakers have concluded.  Efficiency and safety are top priorities and this law should help with both.

The Idaho State Police stated that tickets for slow driving are fairly similar to speeding tickets.  Most fines will land you somewhere in the $90 range.

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