I love seeing things like this.  The Boise Parks and Recreation Department has received the "go-ahead" from the City Council to hire 10 residents of the Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter. 

The 10 employees will be hired on a one-moth basis as part of the pilot program, and after the month, the City will evaluate the success and depending on results, might even grow the program.

I've heard of similar programs in various cities across the country, and the concept makes sense.  It assists in building skills and transition for residents of shelters dealing with homelessness.  They get work experience and stable income as well as reference and proven work history.

In addition, officials with Parks and Recreation told the Idaho Statesman that they could use the employees since the labor market has been a challenge.  These employees will make $9.25 per hour (which is $2 more than minimum wage) and will work 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

For more on the concept for this program and a look at the one that inspired it in New Mexico, check out coverage from the Idaho Statesman.

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