You know that incredible feeling when you're up before the sun, cruising to work with a fresh cup of joe on an open, empty road? It's a feeling Boise's early-morning drivers know well. Or we used to, anyway.

There's a Boise rush hour that no one's talking about. 

It's the aggravating equivalent of an a.m. amateur Indy 500. Our once serene, pre-dawn commute has become saddled with heavy machinery, construction crews, closed roads, detours, and stoplights on never-ending Union breaks.

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3 Revolutionary Road Rules Boise's Early-Morning  Drivers Will Love

Rather than drone on about the problem, we're here to offer solutions. We think three simple, sensible changes to Boise road rules could make a huge difference for the city's early bird commuters.

Embrace enhanced speed limits.

Boise-area drivers on main streets like State or Chinden should be able to drive an additional 10 miles over the speed limit. Local highway drivers should be able to drive 15 miles over the speed limit.

Reserve the far left lane.

It would be amazing if the far-left lane was reserved for non-commercial trucks and vehicles. It would alleviate most, if not all of the congestion caused by haulers, commercial trucks, and heavy equipment.

Give the early birds a pass.

It's so much easier and safer to pass another car when it's dark outside. Let's allow passing maneuvers on all level stretches of straight roads to keep things moving.

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