TREASURE VALLEY, Idaho. Awesome or annoying, no matter the quirkiness of their neighborly ways, Idaho living would fall short without these characters next door! And after nine years of living here, I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of kinds we have out here.

For your scrolling pleasure, I rounded up 13 folks you'll encounter in every Treasure Valley city/neighborhood.

13 Neighbors You'll Meet in Every Treasure Valley Neighborhood

➡️ Keep scrolling for a gallery that features everyone from the cookie-baking welcome wagon types in Middleton, to the ones in Star who rat you out to the HOA for not pulling in your trash cans!

PS, be honest, friend: are you on the list? I know I am at least twice, but I'll only admit to the garage door thing [lol].

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Scroll on for a gallery of laws in California & Utah that range from the entertaining to the ERMERGERD.

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